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Title: Formaldehyde stabilization facilitates lignin monomer production during biomass depolymerization

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USDOE Office of Science (SC), Basic Energy Sciences (BES) (SC-22)
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Published Article
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Journal Name: Science Journal Volume: 354 Journal Issue: 6310; Journal ID: ISSN 0036-8075
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
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United States

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Shuai, Li, Amiri, Masoud Talebi, Questell-Santiago, Ydna M., Héroguel, Florent, Li, Yanding, Kim, Hoon, Meilan, Richard, Chapple, Clint, Ralph, John, and Luterbacher, Jeremy S. Formaldehyde stabilization facilitates lignin monomer production during biomass depolymerization. United States: N. p., 2016. Web. doi:10.1126/science.aaf7810.
Shuai, Li, Amiri, Masoud Talebi, Questell-Santiago, Ydna M., Héroguel, Florent, Li, Yanding, Kim, Hoon, Meilan, Richard, Chapple, Clint, Ralph, John, & Luterbacher, Jeremy S. Formaldehyde stabilization facilitates lignin monomer production during biomass depolymerization. United States. doi:10.1126/science.aaf7810.
Shuai, Li, Amiri, Masoud Talebi, Questell-Santiago, Ydna M., Héroguel, Florent, Li, Yanding, Kim, Hoon, Meilan, Richard, Chapple, Clint, Ralph, John, and Luterbacher, Jeremy S. Thu . "Formaldehyde stabilization facilitates lignin monomer production during biomass depolymerization". United States. doi:10.1126/science.aaf7810.
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abstractNote = {},
doi = {10.1126/science.aaf7810},
journal = {Science},
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volume = 354,
place = {United States},
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DOI: 10.1126/science.aaf7810

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