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Title: Predicting oxidation-limited lifetime of thin-walled components of NiCrW alloy 230

Using alloy 230 as an example, a generalized oxidation lifetime model for chromia-forming Ni-base wrought alloys is proposed, which captures the most important damaging oxidation effects relevant for component design: wall thickness loss, scale spallation, and the occurrence of breakaway oxidation. For deriving input parameters and for verification of the model approach, alloy 230 specimens with different thicknesses were exposed for different times at temperatures in the range 950–1050 °C in static air. The studies focused on thin specimens (0.2–0.5 mm) to obtain data for critical subscale depletion processes resulting in breakaway oxidation within reasonably achievable test times up to 3000 h. The oxidation kinetics and oxidation-induced subscale microstructural changes were determined by combining gravimetric data with results from scanning electron microscopy with energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy. The modeling of the scale spallation and re-formation was based on the NASA cyclic oxidation spallation program, while a new model was developed to describe accelerated oxidation occurring after longer exposure times in the thinnest specimens. The calculated oxidation data were combined with the reservoir model equation, by means of which the relation between the consumption and the remaining concentration of Cr in the alloy was established as a function of temperature andmore » specimen thickness. Based on this approach, a generalized lifetime diagram is proposed, in which wall thickness loss is plotted as a function of time, initial specimen thickness, and temperature. As a result, the time to reach a critical Cr level at the scale/alloy interface of 10 wt% is also indicated in the diagrams.« less
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  1. Forschungszentrum Julich GmbH, Julich (Germany)
  2. Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)
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Accepted Manuscript
Journal Name:
Oxidation of Metals
Additional Journal Information:
Journal Volume: 87; Journal Issue: 1-2; Journal ID: ISSN 0030-770X
Research Org:
Oak Ridge National Lab. (ORNL), Oak Ridge, TN (United States)
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USDOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)
Country of Publication:
United States
36 MATERIALS SCIENCE; NiCr alloys; oxidation; lifetime model; thermodynamics; kinetics; Alloy 230; chromia scales; lifetime; subscale depletion; wall thickness loss
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