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Title: Symmetries and multiferroic properties of novel room-temperature magnetoelectrics: Lead iron tantalate – lead zirconate titanate (PFT/PZT)

Mixing 60-70% lead zirconate titanate with 40-30% lead iron tantalate produces a single-phase, low-loss, room-temperature multiferroic with magnetoelectric coupling: (PbZr₀.₅₃Ti₀.₄₇O₃) (1-x)- (PbFe₀.₅Ta₀.₅O₃)x. The present study combines x-ray scattering, magnetic and polarization hysteresis in both phases, plus a second-order dielectric divergence (to epsilon = 6000 at 475 K for 0.4 PFT; to 4000 at 520 K for 0.3 PFT) for an unambiguous assignment as a C2v-C4v (Pmm2-P4mm) transition. The material exhibits square saturated magnetic hysteresis loops with 0.1 emu/g at 295 K and saturation polarization Pr = 25 μC/cm², which actually increases (to 40 μC/cm²) in the high-T tetragonal phase, representing an exciting new room temperature oxide multiferroic to compete with BiFeO₃. Additional transitions at high temperatures (cubic at T>1300 K) and low temperatures (rhombohedral or monoclinic at T<250 K) are found. These are the lowest-loss room-temperature multiferroics known, which is a great advantage for magnetoelectric devices.
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FG 02-08ER46526
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AIP Advances
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Journal Volume: 1; Journal Issue: 4; Related Information: CHORUS Timestamp: 2017-07-31 20:37:16; Journal ID: ISSN 2158-3226
American Institute of Physics
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United States
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OSTI ID: 1114948