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OSTI and ORCID: Working to Help Link DOE Authors and Their Research Results

by Catherine Pepmiller on Tue, September 20, 2016

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It has always been important for authors and researchers to maintain and present accurate records of their work and experience.  In this digital age, an author can achieve such record-keeping by using a persistent digital identifier, a number associated with a particular author that remains with him or her, regardless of changes in discipline, research project, organization, or position.  ORCID, a not-for-profit-organization working to make it easier to connect research results to authors, has stepped in to provide just such a service.  To date, they have registered over 2.5 million ORCID iDs for their users, and this number grows daily.

ORCID first opened its registry allowing researchers to register ORCID iDs and link their works to their iD in 2012, and the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI) was one of the first federal organizations to embrace the ORCID concept.  In spring 2013, OSTI moved to help make it even easier for researchers to employ ORCID iD by offering the option to submit scientific and technical information (STI) records including an ORCID iD via E-Link, the DOE corporate STI ingest system.  Once records have been processed, users may search SciTech Connect by ORCID iD to find works associated with that iD.  Under this system, authors curate their ORCID Works list manually, adding records found in OSTI’s databases.

OSTI has since improved this service, relieving authors of much of the curation burden. OSTI now offers authors two different ways to add records to their ORCID Works accounts, without the need to enter metadata.

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The second mechanism for adding records directly to an ORCID profile is passive on the part of authors.  Once an author grants authorization, any record that OSTI ingests containing the author’s ORCID iD will be automatically uploaded to the ORCID site. There is no need for continued action on the part of the author once the initial (and ongoing) authorization has been granted.  If an author grants continued access to OSTI (if the “continued authorization” check box is selected at time of authorization), anytime the metadata changes in a record, those updates will be pushed through to that record in the author’s ORCID account.  This totally hands-off mechanism can help authors ensure their ORCID Works are as up to date as possible.Since June 2016, authors have been able to add records to their Works through SciTech Connect, the primary repository for DOE STI, following a brief authorization protocol.  When in SciTech Connect, navigate to the SciTech/ORCID authorization portal and follow the prompts.  Once logged in, the authors may search and interact with SciTech as normal to identify the records they have authored or co-authored and then select those to be added to their Works.  When the screen is refreshed, the record/s will appear immediately in their ORCID profile.

Together, these two methods create a more intuitive and user-friendly environment for researchers to update and maintain their professional portfolios.  By granting authorization to allow automatic updates via E-Link or by manually adding works via SciTech searches, authors can improve the efficiency and accuracy of their portfolio management. 

OSTI’s integration with ORCID enhances the ability of authors to interact with their research products in our databases in a more meaningful way.  And it is the most recent advance OSTI is has made to better serve the DOE research enterprise.

Catherine Pepmiller is a Librarian and Product Manager of SciTech Connect in the DOE Office of Scientific and Technical Information.


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