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ORCID Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add records to my ORCID Works?

To add OSTI.GOV records, please make sure that you have completed the login and authorization procedures. Once authorized, conduct a search as you would normally, using the basic or advanced search as you choose. When you identify a record that you have authored or coauthored, choose to "Add to ORCID Works", found at the right-hand corner of the record listing in the results list. OSTI.GOV will ask if you would like to add this record. Select "Add to ORCID WORKS" again in the pop-up text box. You have now added this record to your Works list.

How do I authorize OSTI to make changes to my ORCID Works?

How will records be added to my Works if they are submitted in E-Link?

How do I view the OSTI.GOV records that have been added to my Works?

Will the records I add to my Works be updated if the metadata changes?


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