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Brussels, Belgium (October 1933)
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Solvay Physics Conference, Brussels, 1933

The Solvay Physics Conference, held in Brussels, Belgium, October 22-29, 1933.  Attendees included two future key Manhattan Project scientists (Fermi and Lawrence), the future head of the Nazi atomic bomb program (Heisenberg), and numerous leading pre-war physicists.  A partial list of those attending: 

  • Niels Bohr (seated, third from left)
  • James Chadwick (seated, farthest right)
  • J. B. Cockroft (middle row, third from right)
  • Marie Curie (seated, fifth from left)
  • Enrico Fermi (middle row, fifth from left)
  • Werner Heisenberg (middle row, fourth from left)
  • Ernest O. Lawrence (back row, second from right)
  • Lise Meitner (seated, second from right)
  • Rudolf Peierls (middle row, second from right)
  • Ernest Rutherford (seated, fifth from right)
  • E. T. S. Walton (middle row, sixth from left)

The photograph is courtesy Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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