DOE/NV - Nuclear Weapons Test Film Description (0800036)

Nuclear Weapons Test Film Description

Project Rulison
0800036 - Project Rulison - 1969 - 7:28 - Color - Project RULISON was a gas stimulation Plowshare Program nuclear test. Plowshare was a program that promoted using the energy produced from nuclear explosions for peaceful uses and applications. The 40-kiloton RULISON test was detonated 6 miles west of Grand Valley, Colorado, on September 10, 1969. Its purpose was to release natural gas reserves locked tightly in the sandstone and shale Mesa Verde formation. The estimated cost for the RULISON project was 6.5 million dollars, funded primarily by the Austral Oil Company of Houston, Texas.

The video shows the explosion, underground rock fracturing, gas release, and underground well operations in schematic animation. Footage of the site, including the actual nuclear explosive package, is shown before the test explosion, but not during or after the test.

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