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Department of Energy Office of Classification Outreach Program

Department of Energy
Office of Classification Outreach Program

In the Spring of 1995, the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Classification (ONNSI) established an Other Agency and Industry Outreach Program. The purpose of the program is to reach other government agencies and industry components with access to DOE classified and sensitive information, particularly Restricted Data (RD) and Formerly Restricted Data (FRD), to provide assistance and ongoing support regarding the classification and declassification of DOE information.

Our goal is to reach the over 50 government agencies with access to Restricted Data. Under the Atomic Energy Act, DOE is responsible for managing Restricted Data on a Government-wide basis.

The Outreach Program focuses on providing support to other agencies and industry in the following areas:

  • Reviewing agency policy and procedural guidance for RD and FRD
  • Providing briefings and other training concerning RD and FRD
  • Facilitating access to classification guides needed by persons who generate RD and FRD documents
  • Attending classification and security related seminars to offer assistance
  • Publishing articles and other awareness materials concerning RD and FRD
  • Coordinating with other agencies in implementing E.O. 12958

If your organization works with RD or FRD information and you would like more information about the Office of Classification Outreach Program, please call the DOE Office of Classification Outreach Hotline at 301-903-7567 or contact Lesley Nelson-Burns at 301-903-4861.

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