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TG-FSSS-1, Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information, Topical Guideline for Fixed-Site Safeguards and Security


Unclassified Controlled Nuclear Information

Topical Guideline for Fixed-Site Safeguards and Security

September 1992

U.S. Department of Energy

Washington, DC

Approved by:
A. Bryan Siebert, Director
Office of Classification
Security Affairs
Washington, DC 20545

Table of Contents


A. Purpose.
B. Background.

C. Policy.
1. General.
2. Relationship to Classification.
3. Widely Disseminated Documents or Material.
4. Release of Information.
5. Internal Guidelines.

D. Approving and Issuing Organizations.
E. Scope.

F. Procedures and Use.
1. Review and Denial of Documents and Material.
2. Determining When Information is NO LONGER UCNI.
3. Determining What Information is NOT UCNI.

G. Information Not Covered by These or General Guidelines.
H. References.
I. Topic Cross Reference List

Chapter 1. National Security Assets.
Chapter 2. Physical Protection of DOE Assets
Chapter 3. Automated Data Processing (ADP)
Chapter 4. Site and Facility Design, Studies, and Reports.
Chapter 5. Communications Security.
Chapter 6. Deficiencies.
Chapter 7. Material Control and Accountability.
Chapter 8. Operations Security.
Chapter 9. Tactical Exercises, Inspections, Evaluations, and Surveys.
Chapter 10. Malevolent Dispersal of Radioactive Material.
Chapter 11. Foreign and Terrorist Intelligence Information.
Chapter 12. Counterintelligence.
Chapter 13. Unauthorized Access to UCNI.
Chapter 14. Document Control Change Notices.
Chapter 15. Threat Messages.
Chapter 16. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures.


Abbreviations and Acronyms

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