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Draft Report for Public Comment -- Fundamental Classification Policy Review

Openness...Creating a Legacy

Draft for Public Comment

Fundamental Classification Policy Review

February 1, 1996

Al Narath, Chairman

Table of Contents

Preface to the Draft for Public Comment
Chapter 1 - Introduction
The DOE Openness Initiative
The Review Task
The Approach
Stakeholder Concerns
Chapter 2 - Principles for Governing the Classification System
Classification as a System
General Principles
Nuclear Weapons - Specific Principles
Nuclear Materials Production -- Specific Principles
Military Reactor-Specific Principles
Safeguards and Security-Specific Principles
Chapter 3 - Overarching Issues
Modifying the Atomic Energy Act
Improving DOE Practices
Relying on Protection of Unclassified Information
Chapter 4 - Nuclear Weapon Science, Technology, Design, Weaponization, and Testing
Chapter 5 - Nuclear Materials Production
Chapter 6 - Nuclear Weapon, Special Nuclear Material, and Tritium Inventories
Chapter 7 - Military Reactors
Chapter 8 - Safeguards and Security
Letter from Charles B. Curtis to Dr. Albert Narath
Memorandum from Kenneth E. Baker


  1. Fundamental Classification Policy Review Organization
  2. Fundamental Classification Policy Review Schedule
  3. Classification as a System
  4. Graded Portion Marking
  5. Example Decision Logic Chart for Applying Guiding Principles to Restricted Data


NOTE: The appendices are not yet available.

A. Tasking
B. Stakeholder Input
C. Report of the Weapon Design Working Group
D. Report of the Weapon Science Working Group
E. Report of the Weaponization Working Group
F. Report of the Nuclear Materials Production Working Group
G. Report of the Weapons Production and Military Utilization Working Group
H. Report of Military Reactors Working Group
I. Report of the Safeguards and Security Working Group
J. Acknowledgments
K. Organization and Participants
L. Bibliography

February 6, 1996, Press Conference Documents