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On Criteria of Vulnerability of Physical Systems to NEMR: The Electromagnetic Radiation From Nuclear Detonations (U)
Goldberg, P A [The Rand Corporation, Santa Monica, CA]; Goldberg, P A [The Rand Corporation, Santa Monica, CA]
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EMP and hardened systems; Nuclear E.M. Radiation
Unknown; Unknown
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Location - DOE/NNSA NUCLEAR TESTING ARCHIVE Address - P.O. Box 98521 City - Las Vegas State - NV Zip - 89193-8521 Phone - (702)794-5106 Fax - (702)862-4240 Email - NTA@NV.DOE.GOV
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Nuclear Weapons and Related Technology\General; Nuclear Weapons and Related Technology\General
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1962 Mar 01
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1997 Dec 02
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42-1-27.1; RM-3028-PR; SAA200054100000; RM3028PR
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The Rand Corporation
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2002 Jun 14
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2003 Sep 18
If a defense installation is to survive a nearby nuclear detonation, one of the effects from which it must be protected is NEMR: the pulse of electromagnetic radiation produced by the nuclear detonation. This study examines the problem of evaluating the ability of physical systems to resist NEMR.

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