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A Report of the Past, Present and Future Research Activities for Project 48-A-1
Hamilton, J G [Crocker Radiation Laboratory, Berkeley]
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Location - DOE/NNSA NUCLEAR TESTING ARCHIVE Address - P.O. Box 98521 City - Las Vegas State - NV Zip - 89193-8521 Phone - (702)794-5106 Fax - (702)862-4240 Email - NTA@NV.DOE.GOV
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Science and Technology\Biology and Medicine
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1996 May 17
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13-32-5; 48-A-1; JGH6; 48A1
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Crocker Radiation Laboratory
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1998 Jan 26
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2003 Sep 21
Report on biological research program 48-A-1 at the Crocker Radiation Laboratory at Berkeley. The research program studied the metabolism of the radio-elements produced by nuclear fission and various fissionable elements including Plutonium. The report summarizes the data and research in three main areas: metabolic studies, deposition of Pu and other fissionable products in the skeleton, and plant and soil studies. Tracer experiments were conducted in the metabolic studies using small amounts of carrier-free radio-elements employed at a dosage level below that which is expected to cause radiation injury.

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