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Carbon Monoxide and Water-Vapor Detecting Unit
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Location - DOE/NNSA NUCLEAR TESTING ARCHIVE Address - P.O. Box 98521 City - Las Vegas State - NV Zip - 89193-8521 Phone - (702)794-5106 Fax - (702)862-4240 Email - NTA@NV.DOE.GOV
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General, Miscellaneous, Administrative and Historical\General; Science and Technology\Instruments and Equipment
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1943 Aug 23
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1996 Mar 06
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13-8-2; OEmer-269; OEmer269
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Arthur D Little, Incorporated
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1996 Nov 08
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2003 Sep 21
This record is a report on the work of developing a unit for detecting carbon monoxide & water vapor in cydinder oxygen when these gases are present in concentrations of the order of magnitude of one part per million (ppm). Topics covered are: General Theory for the Unit; Properties of Reagent; Application; General Properties; Details of Apparatus; and Difficulties.

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