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Activity of Settling Basin Effluent and White Oak Dam Dischage for Period Ocober 1947 - December 1947
Cottrell, W D [Clinton Laboratories]
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Effluent; Sampling; Settling Basin; Silt; Waste Disposal; White Oak Dam
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Health, Safety and Environment\Waste Management
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1948 Feb 20
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1995 Mar 22
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Clinton Laboratories
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1995 Jul 31
Data in tables show the activity of the outlet waters of the Settling Basin and the White Oak Dam discharge. Priot to November 26, 15 liter samples were taken of the values and broken down into two parts--the activity of the waterborne silt and that of the surpernatent component of the sample. After this date, 1 liter samples were taken and the value is the total Beta activity of the sample.

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