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General and Specific Exposures
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Alpha Radiation; Beta Radiation; Gamma Radiation; Maximum Permissible Levels; Neutron Radiation; Proton Radiation
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DOE INFORMATION CENTER 1 Way, Oak Ridge, TN 37831; Eva Butler; Phone: 865-241-4780; Toll-Free: 800-382-6938, Option 6; FAX: 865-574-3521; Email:
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Health, Safety and Environment\Worker Health and Safety
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1994 Jan 21
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HRE 1554; Doc 1944-94; Box H-248-7; Doc194494; BoxH2487
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Atomic Energy Commission
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1995 Apr 14
A list of described types of exposures, both general and specific to the entire body and parts of the body as well as maximum permissible concentrations for individual radioactive materials in excreta and working levels for hand counts, thyroid counts, nose counts, etc.

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