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Data Report on Heavy Water Reactor Tritium Supply Plant
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Heavy Water Reactor; Recycling; Tritium
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Health, Safety and Environment\Environmental Effects
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1995 Feb 28
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DOE 1995d
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Department of Energy Office of Reconfiguration
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1995 Apr 14
Tritium is used to enhance the performance of nuclear weapons. The use of Tritium makes it possible to build smaller yet more powerful weapons and to reduce the amount of Plutonium in each weapon. Tritium, the radioactive isotope of Hydrogen, is found in nature, although in extremely small amounts. Tritium has a relatively short radioactive half-life of 12.3 years, decaying at a rate of approximately 5.5 percent per year. Because of this rate of decay, the Tritium in nuclear weapons must be replenished periodically to ensure their effectiveness. The mission of the Heavy Water Reactor Tritium Supply Plant is to provide the Tritium needed to neet the nation's defense requirements. This report provides supporting data for the Heavy Water Reactor Tritium Supply Plant assumptions. It includes background information, plant and facility descriptions, site maps and land use requirements, process descriptions, resource needs, employment needs, wastes and emissions from the plant, and intra-site transportation of radiological/hazardous materials. Appendix A covers generic wet site data. Appendix B covers Tritium Supply Plant design process for accident mitigation. Appendix C discusses Tritium Extraction Facility design process for accident mitigation.

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