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ORNL RaLa, 706-D Building General Survey 20 September, 1952
Unger, W.E.
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DOE INFORMATION CENTER 1 Way, Oak Ridge, TN 37831; Eva Butler; Phone: 865-241-4780; Toll-Free: 800-382-6938, Option 6; FAX: 865-574-3521; Email:
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Specific Material\Fission Products
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1952 Sep 30
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1971 Sep 02
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Oak Ridge National Laboratory
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1995 Mar 10
Survey report discusses background for Kilocurie quantities of La 140 required by the AEC in 1945 and a process for separating Ba 140 from ORNL-irradiated uranium metal. It was the opinion of personnel at ORNL that the interim production of Ba 140 would be necessary for another two years in spite of plans for the rapid completion of the new Hanford facility. An evaluation survey of ORNL's facilities was carried out and general recommendations made: 1) minimum alteration only as required to continue the production of 2,200 Curies for 2-year interim, 2) minium alteration only as required to continue the production of 10,000 Curies for 2-year interim, 3) same as 2, but with erection of new Cell B so that "stand-by" requirements would not be jeopardized, 4) equipment changes to accommodate irradiated-enriched slugs, and 5) development of a new process for use in a new facility, erected at ORNL or at another site. Current production status, processing operation difficulties, sampling exposure, and freak exposures are also reported. Most of the exposures are the indirect result of contamination of the unshielded components of the sampler equipment. Product chemical losses are recorded; purity requirements analyzed; and general conclusions on time-schedule, economy, and capacity are given.

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