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Oak Ridge K-25 UF6 Cylinder Storage Yard
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1995 Feb 02
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Department of Energy-Oak Ridge Operations Office
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1995 Feb 28
Labor Standards Committee Case Report: This work consists of the construction of approximately 4 acres of concrete pavement utilizing a FPSC concrete paving contractor. The work includes the excavation for a one-acre detention basin; site cut and fill; installation of an underdrain collection system and storm drain; construction of a 6-inch thick aggregate base course; and the construction of a 14-inch think non-reinforced concrete pavement. Some minor site demolition is required, including the demolition of two existing groundwater montiroing wells. A portion of the Northwest Patrol Road will be relocated so that there is minimal interference with the contractor who is demolishing the cooling towers and, at the same time, provides for an earlier starat by the UF6 Cylinder Storage Yard subcontractor. Several activities are required to accommodate the road relocation, to secure the site, or to provide additional facility safety. These include installing light poles along the existing south fence adjacent to the propsed roadway alignment, constructing a concrete access ramp, adding a new north isolation fence, and relocating a portion of the existing temporary south fence. Also, a short section of 15" diameter CMP storm drain, a new fire water line, 2 new fire hydrants, and a Gamewell fire alarm box will be installed. Power poles and communication lines from the construction area will be removed. Temporary and new permanent power will be extended to the constructoin site. Site preparation and the Cylinder Storage Yard is construction. Lockouts and tie-ins is service. The road relocation and construction of the access ramp is minor and typical of that which is performed by the unit price paving contractor under contract to MK-Ferguson. The rework of the existing fence and addition of the new fences is typical of that which is performed by the unit price fencing contractor under contract to MK-Ferguson. The early power pole relocation and lighting, as well as extension of fire water lines under the new roadway will be done by MK-Ferguson direct hire forces. Additionally, MK-Ferguson direct hire forces will remove the existing cathodic protection. MMES power operations will provide all of the electrical lockouts and tie-ins requiring interface with existing utilities. Engfineering will be performed by an A-E, Foster Wheeler Enviromental Corporation (FWENC), supported by Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc. (MMES). Characterization activities will be performed by contractors to FWENC supported by MMES. Project Management will be performed by MMES. Construction Management will be performed by MK-Ferguson, Inc. MK-Ferguson will issue a task release to existing unit price subcontractors (UPSC) to perform the road relocation, fence relocation, and installation of new fence. MK-Ferguson direct hire will remove power poles and power lines, install lighting along the south fence line, install Gamewell box, extend temporary and permanent power to the site and extend the fire water line. MK-Ferguson will award a fixed price construction subcontract for the construction of the Cylinder Storage Yard. A unit price subcontractor to MK-Ferguson will install concrete access ramp and road work, 15" CMP and storm drains, run-off controls, and fence work including a new fence along the north side of the site after construction of the Cylinder Storage Yard is complete. MMES Power Operaitons will do all electrical lockouts and tie-ins. $4,871,000.

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