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Analysis of the April 18, 1986 UF-6 Release Test
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Bordeaux, France; CESTA; Fluorine; Particle Size; Utranium; Wind
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Health, Safety and Environment\Public Health and Safety
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1986 Oct 31
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Oak Ridge K-25 Site
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1999 Sep 06
On April 18, 1986, a controlled uranium hexafluoride (UF-6) release test was conducted at a CESTA (a French government agency) test site near Bordeaux, France. During the test, 45.8 kg of UF-6 vapor were released over a time interval of 605 s from a 3.15-m high, 0.05-m diameter pipe at a rate of 75.7 kg/s. The exit velocity was 3.46 m/s, and the average exit temperature was 108 degress C. Information collected during the release test included meteorological data, measurements of uranium and hexafluoride concentrations, desposition data, and particle size distribution data.

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