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Semi-Works Development of the RaLa Process
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National Security, Policy and Warfare\Radiological, Chemical, Biological and Conventional Weapons/Warfare; Isotope Separation\General
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1949 Sep 20
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1979 Jun 27
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Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Corporation
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1998 Sep 01
This document contains the Semi-Works Development of the RaLa Process covering the work carried on from November 1944 to July 1945. The chemical process that was developed for the separation of the barium isotope 140 from ORNL Reactor uranium slugs was demonstrated in the Semi-Works to give an 80 percent barium yield with a final product that met the ionic chemical specifications for lead content, but the iron, nickel, and chronium contents were high by a factor of 10. The radiochemical contaminates were not determined because the cold metal solution feed was spiked with only barium activity. At the completion of the semi-works development program, a process was recommended and is described. Tables and figures are included.

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