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Agenda for ORGDP Nuclear Safety Committee Meeting, May 24, 1963
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ORGDP, criticalilty, UF-6; U-235, trap, cylinder, drain; clearances; feed and tails facility; nuclear safety, meeting
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DOE INFORMATION CENTER 1 Way, Oak Ridge, TN 37831; Eva Butler; Phone: 865-241-4780; Toll-Free: 800-382-6938, Option 6; FAX: 865-574-3521; Email:
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Science and Technology\Instruments and Equipment; Health, Safety and Environment\Worker Health and Safety
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1963 May 14
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1996 Dec 03
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KD-1743, Part 3
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Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant
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1998 Sep 01
This correspondence concerns the agenda for the Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant (ORGDP) Nuclear Safety Committee Meeting, May 24, 1963. On the bases of available experimental and theoretical criticality data, it appeared possible to increase the specification of a safe hydrogen moderation for UF-6 systems of 2.0 percent U-235 enrichment from the previously accepted H/U-235 atomic ratio of 3.7 to an H/U-235 atomic ratio of 10.0. A centralized feed and tails facility will be installed in K-1131 to handle the new 14 ton capacity UF-6 cylinder which is safe under moderation control at U-235 enrichments to 2.0 percent. A new 6-inch I.D. drain system for handling nonrecoverable uranium wastes from the K-1420 building was installed, replacing a similar 4-inch I.D. drain. A new sodium fluoride trapping system, for recovery of UF-6 from C8F16 coolant at U-235 enrichment to 10 percent, was installed in K-29 in order to utilize a portion of the existing cold trap facility piping and instrumentation. There was also a list of the 17 Nuclear Safety Clearances issued so far.

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