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Transuranium Processing Plant Report of Production, Status, and Plans for the Period October 1, 1980 to March 31, 1983
King, L J [Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc., Oak Ridge, TN]; Benker, D E [Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc., Oak Ridge, TN]; Bigelow, J E [Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc., Oak Ridge, TN]
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Curium-248, TRU-252 Cf; curium oxide, neutron; heavy element, isotope; irradiation, zinc bromide; production program, element; radiography, ORNL; report, Zr-95, HFIR target; transuranium processing
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DOE INFORMATION CENTER 1 Way, Oak Ridge, TN 37831; Eva Butler; Phone: 865-241-4780; Toll-Free: 800-382-6938, Option 6; FAX: 865-574-3521; Email:
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Reactors\Production Reactors; Isotope Separation\Other Isotope Separation Information; Specific Material\Fission Products
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1984 Oct 31
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Never classified
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Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Incorporated
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1998 Jun 16
This is the twenty-third report in a series issued to inform the heavy-element community of the status and future production plans of the Transuranium Element Production Program at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. It covers the period from October 1, 1980 through March 31, 1983. During this period, transuranium elements were obtained from 53 irradiated High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR) targets. Several batches of Californium-I curium were purified and converted to the oxide form, either for use in HFIR targets or for shipment. A batch of americium and curium that had been recovered during development tests of solvent extraction flowsheets for light-water reactor fuel reprocessing was purified and added to the feed for making HFIR targets. Ninety-five product shipments were made from the Transuranium Processing Plant (TRU). Thirty-six standard and five special HFIR targets were fabricated. A new processing step was added to a HFIR target campaign in order to recover a small amount of Zr-95 for later use as a tracer in several Solvent Extraction Test Facility (SETF) experiments. Five TRU-252 Cf neutron sources were fabricated during this report period. A figure and tables are included.

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