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Executive Summary of the 1985 Streambed Contaminant Survey (WOC & T)
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Homogeneous Reactor; Melton Valley, LLW Pits; White Oak Creek, sampling; contaminant, survey; letter, WAG, streambed; radionuclide, site; stream, SWSA, trenches; waste area groupings
Myrick, T.E.
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Health, Safety and Environment\Environmental Effects
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1986 Jun 30
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Never classified
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Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Incorporated
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1998 Jun 16
This correspondence contains an executive summary of the 1985 Streambed Contaminant Survey (WOC & T). The objectives of the survey were to provide a basis for ranking corrective measures projects and to facilitate identification of sites where further studies are needed to characterize contaminant migration. It includes a summary of the active and inactive sources of radionuclides in 1985, recommendations on waste area groupings (WAGs) that clearly will require remedial investigation/feasibility studies (RI/FS) projects under RCRA 3004 (u) provisions, and a ranking for WAGs that is based upon magnitude of releases observed for the July - August 1985 period. An important assumption is that presence of radionuclide migration is indicative of general contaminant releases. A figure of the survey sampling sites is included.

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