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Estimates of Internal Dose Equivalent to 22 Target Organs for Radionuclides Occurring in Routine Releases from Nuclear Fuel-Cycle Facilities, Vol. 1
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ORNL, metabolic, internal dose; dose conversion factors; iron, cobalt, zinc; microcurie, organs, estimates; nuclear fuel-cycle facilities; phosphorus, manganese; radiation, radionuclide; releases, internal dose; tritium, carbon, sodium
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Health, Safety and Environment\Public Health and Safety
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1978 Jun 30
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Union Carbide Corporation
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1998 Jun 16
This report is the first of a two-volume tabulation of internal radiation dose conversion factors for man for radionuclides of interest in environmental assessments of light-water-reactor fuel cycles. This volume treats 68 radionuclides, all of mass number less than 150. Intake by inhalation and ingestion is considered. In the former case, the ICRP Task Group Lung Model has been used to simulate the behavior of particulate matter in the respiratory tract. Results corresponding to activity median aerodynamic diameters (AMAD) of 0.3, 1.0, and 5.0 um are given. The GI tract has been represented by a four-segment catenary model with exponential transfer of radioactivity from one segment to the next. Retention of radionuclides in other organs was characterized by linear combinations of decaying exponential functions. Dose equivalent per microcurie intake of each parent nuclide is given for 22 target organs with contributions from specified source organs plus surplus activity in the rest of the body. Cross irradiation due to penetrating radiations has also been considered in the calculations. Calculation sheets and summary tables are included.

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