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RaLa Development - Quarterly Report for Period 11/10/51 - 2/10/52
Blanco, R E [ORNL, Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Co., Oak Ridge]
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Ba-140, ion exchange; RaLa development, ORNL; carbonate metathesis; quarterly report; radioactive, decomposition
Steahly, F.L. (ORNL, Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Co., Oak Ridge)
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Health, Safety and Environment\Worker Health and Safety; National Security, Policy and Warfare\Radiological, Chemical, Biological and Conventional Weapons/Warfare
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1952 Feb 26
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1993 Oct 18
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Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Corporation
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1998 Jun 16
This document contains the quarterly report for RaLa development for the period 11/10/51 - 2/10/52. Thirty kilocuries of Ba-140 were processed in ORNL-RaLa run #46 with an overall loss of 8.6 percent, 0.6 percent from ion exchange and 8.0 percent from the precipitation steps. About 60 percent of the product was not soluble in water after one fuming nitric acid precipitation but was completely soluble after two precipitations. An investigation of the factors involved indicated that the Ba(NO-3)2 was probably not rendered insoluble as the result of decomposition by radiation or heat but rather as a result of the presence of sulfate or other resin radiation decomposition products. The fuming nitric acid procedure was revised to ensure the complete removal of sulfate when the mole ratio of S04=/Ba++ is one by means of one precipitation or complete removal of sulfate for any mole ratio of SO4=/Ba++ after two precipitations. Preliminary results indicate that precipitation of lead-barium nitrate from 13M nitric acid will eliminate the last traces of sulfate that remain after the carbonate metathesis step. A process was developed for the recovery and purification of strontium from the ORNL-RaLa Versene waste solution. The total gross B activity processed in RaLa run #46 was approximately 40 kilocuries. Scale demonstration runs of the over all MTR-RaLa process failed to achieve the necessary decontamination of aluminum and rare earths. As a result, the sodium hydroxide elution of aluminum will be replaced with a sodium citrate elution at pH 3.2 which will selectively elute both aluminum and rare earths. Spectrophotometric analyses of a sodium Versenate-sodium nitrate solution which had been irradiated by a CO-60 source indicated that Versene is decomposed initially at a rate of approximately 0.69 milli moles/watt hour in an 8.40 x 10(-4) watt/gm field and at 0.55 milli moles/watt hour in a 2.1(8) x 10(-3) watt/gm field. The pH of the Versene solutions (0.065M) rose from 6.3 at an approximate rate of 60 units/watt hour/gm to the range of 8.5 to 9.5 and then remained constant. A table and figures are included.

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