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RaLa Schedules - Telephone Conversation with Dr. Phil Hammond, Los Alamos
Unger, W E [ORNL, Union Carbide and Carbon Corp., Oak Ridge, TN]
Culler, F.L. (ORNL, Union Carbide and Carbon Corp., Oak Ridge, TN)
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National Security, Policy and Warfare\Radiological, Chemical, Biological and Conventional Weapons/Warfare
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1951 Jan 19
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1993 Oct 18
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Union Carbide and Carbon Corporation
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1998 Jun 16
This correspondence concerns a telephone conversation with Dr. Phil Hammond in Los Alamos. Los Alamos has requested the first shipment March 1, 1951, of 1,600 to 10,000 curies. The run is to be experimental for Los Alamos. The run can be delayed until March 15 without inconveniencing Los Alamos, or, in the event that our new equipment is not ready by that time, Los Alamos will accept the run from the old equipment in the old carrier since Los Alamos had planned to divide it up in the old facilities. Beginning April 1, tentatively, Los Alamos wants 30,000 curies in one shipment of one carrier, one shipment of two carriers, or two shipments of 15,000 curies each spaced as closely as operations will permit. Los Alamos is to deliver 11,000 curie batches of lanthanum, requiring a minimum of 15,000 curies of Ba-140 at LST. Approximately 130,000 curies total per year will be required which is about 25 percent in excess of design capacity for the D-building. The ion exchange columns will be pushing their maximum to hold 15,000 curies each. This new schedule places additional emphasis on the MTR RaLa which should be designed by 2 assembly dissolvings or 50,000 curies nominal capacity. Dr. Hammond is planning a visit to Oak Ridge within the next two weeks to find information on high temperature solubility of UNH.

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