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Metallurgical Project Report for Month Ending October 31, 1944
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ORNL, biology, exposure; White Oak Lake, medical; metallurgy, health physics; project report, radiation; research division, slug
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Health, Safety and Environment\Worker Health and Safety; Science and Technology\Metallurgy
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1944 Nov 02
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1997 Nov 07
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CH-2189 X, Copy 6A; TID-1116; TID1116
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Clinton Laboratories
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1998 Jun 16
This document contains the Metallurgical Project Report for the month ending October 31, 1944. Possibilities of lead poisoning have been markedly decreased. The procedure of checking apparently above-tolerance exposures as shown by the pocket meters, by reading the badge meters of the individuals concerned, has resulted in a decrease to about two reports a day concerning over-exposures. The new Victoreen survey meters were not satisfactory. A broken slug jacket presented many new decontamination problems in the 115 fan building. The rainfall of 8.8 inches and the ensuing flood on September 29, 1944, flooded the settling pond and threatened to wash away White Oak Dam. Due to the large dilution factor the water activity did not rise above normal. Further work on adsorption columns has shown that it will be possible to reduce the uranium content of dissolved slugs to any desired level by this method, thus obviating an ether extractor in fission product separations. Rabbits exposed to beta ray doses ranging from 5,000 to 30,000 r to a limited area of the back all showed about the same response. Epilation, desquamation and ulceration were the prominent features of these burns. Fish that have been caught periodically over the past six months in White Oak Lake have been analyzed and have shown that they accumulated moderate quantities of activity before the settling pond was built, but since then the activity has been very low. Tables are included in this project report.

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