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Health Division and Biological Section of the Research Division Report for Month Ending March 15, 1945
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Health, Safety and Environment\Worker Health and Safety; Science and Technology\Biology and Medicine
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1945 Mar 31
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1953 Feb 10
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CH-2597 X, Copy 6A
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Clinton Laboratories
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1998 Jun 16
This document contains the Health Division and Biological Section of the Research Division Report for the month ending March 15, 1945. The regular badge meter film was placed in water tight cellulose acetate holders for under water measurements. Polonium activity in the air during the removal of a bare bismuth brick from the pile reached a maximum of 44 times tolerance. A summary of the data on the radioactivity of the mud in the White Oak Drainage system indicates results consistent with plant operations and meteorological conditions. A hydrogen pressure chamber using a balanced tube circuit has been constructed for use in measuring fast neutrons. Maintenance has placed in operation a "clean-up room" to handle the decontamination of tools, clothing and personnel. A preliminary report is given of the metabolic changes following total surface beta irradiation in rats. There is no change in metabolism for about 10 days following irradiation, but then the food intake, water intake and weight start to fall indicating a gastro-intestinal upset. After a few days, the food and water intake increases sharply, the water intake sometimes reaching three times the control level. At the same time the urine output may drop slightly and increase in specific gravity. At this stage there is usually albumen in the urine. This is the period of cellular destruction and these findings are indications of the damage. Recovery is taking place slowly and whereas after nearly three months these animals appear to be well on the road to recovery, their general metabolism is far from normal. Tables and figures are included.

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