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Transmittal of Environmental Sampling Data for Mercury
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mercury, soil samples
Linton, A.G. (EPA, Atlanta, GA (US)); McKinney, A.D. (Tenn. Dept. of Health and Env., Knoxville, TN (US)); Lacy, M.L. (City of Oak Ridge, Oak Ridge, TN (US)); Milligan, J. (TVA, Chattanooga, TN (US))
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DOE INFORMATION CENTER 1 Way, Oak Ridge, TN 37831; Eva Butler; Phone: 865-241-4780; Toll-Free: 800-382-6938, Option 6; FAX: 865-574-3521; Email:
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Health, Safety and Environment\Public Health and Safety; Health, Safety and Environment\Public Health and Safety
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1984 Mar 06
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Never classified
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KRR-1409, 700854; 4347
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Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Incorporated
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1998 Jun 16
This report consists of mercury data from samples taken in the Oak Ridge area. Soil samples taken from the ballfield and sewer beltway adjacent to St. Mary's Church, a private residence on Norway Lane, an additional area near the Civic Center, and the remainder of the sewer beltway area between North Purdue and Marquette Road showed mercury concentrations less than the State's guideline of 12 parts per million. Additional soil samples were taken near the Southfield Apartments from a grass strip between North Purdue Avenue and its sidewalk. Mercury concentrations in this area ranged between 190 ppm and 420 ppm. Maps of the sampling areas are also enclosed.

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