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Role of the "Aircraft Reactor Experiment" in the Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion Program
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ANP, circuit, model; aircraft nuclear propulsion; aircraft reactor, ARE, coolant
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Reactors\Aircraft, Rocket and Space Reactors; Reactors\Aircraft, Rocket and Space Reactors
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1951 Sep 04
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1964 Apr 06
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Oak Ridge Y-12 Plant
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1998 Jun 16
This correspondence contains information on the role of the aircraft reactor experiment (ARE) in the aircraft nuclear propulsion (ANP) program. The experimental aircraft reactor permits them to experiment with a high temperature reactor with relatively little expenditure of money. It serves as a focus for the efforts of many groups concerned with ANP work. After some operating experience, the laboratory will have personnel familiar with design, fabrication, instrumentation, etc., of high temperature reactors; and it is expected that they can deal with the problem of aircraft reactor design with considerably more sophistication. Certain technical questions such as controllability and integrity of particular methods of fabrication will be in part answered by the construction and operation of the ARE. The ARE's function is to increase our stock of knowledge so that we will be in a better position to build or help some other organization build an aircraft reactor. There was also discussion of the coolant and recommendations were made for both the reactor and coolant to be used. In the conclusion, the opinion was that political considerations have sometimes determined the direction of the ANP program.

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