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Correspondence to M. Calvin of University of California Lawrence Radiation Laboratory; Subject: Details on the Final Steps in the Synthesis of Methoxy-ethylresorcylaldehyde
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B-7-B; Fluoro Compound; Heterocyclics; Hydroxy-Carbethoxy Compound; Hydroxypyrimidines; Methoxy-ethylresorcylaldehyde; National Defense Research Com.; O-hydroxyphenyl; Project B-228; Resorcinol; Salicylaldehyde; University of CA at Los Angele
Calvin, M. (Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, Berkeley, CA(US))
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DOE/NV Nuclear Testing Archive, P.O. Box 98521, City: Las Vegas, State: NV, Zip: 89193-8521, Phone:(702)295-0712, Fax:(702)295-1808,; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Archives and Records Office, 1 Cyclotron Road, Mailstop 69-104, City: Berkeley, State: CA, Zip: 94720, Phone:(510)486-5525, Fax:(510)486-7200,
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Science and Technology\Chemistry
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1943 Nov 23
Declassification Date:
1996 Apr 01
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11-42-13; B-228; B-7-B; B228; B7B
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University of California at Los Angeles
OpenNet Entry Date:
1996 Aug 30
This record documents corresondence between M. Calvin, of University of California Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, and T.A. Geissman, of University of California at Los Angeles, regarding details on the final steps in the synthesis of methoxy-ethylresorcylaldehyde. Other topics discussed include: using the N-methylformanilide method on the fluoro compound and resorcinol derivatives; work on the heterocyclics; hydroxy-carbethoxy compound; preparation of o-hydroxyphenol pyrinides and quinolines; and salicylaldehyde-5-propionic acid. Also attached is an handwritten note by T.A. Geissman stating that he will be sending out samples the next day.

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