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Purchase Order 3600203 Covering the Research and Development of Polystyrene Foam by Monsanto Research Corporation for Lawrence Radiation Laboratory
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Monsanto Research Corporation; Polystyrene Foam; Purchase Order 3600203
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DOE/NV Nuclear Testing Archive, P.O. Box 98521, City: Las Vegas, State: NV, Zip: 89193-8521, Phone:(702)295-0712, Fax:(702)295-1808,; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Archives and Records Office, 1 Cyclotron Road, Mailstop 69-104, City: Berkeley, State: CA, Zip: 94720, Phone:(510)486-5525, Fax:(510)486-7200,
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General, Miscellaneous, Administrative and Historical\General
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1965 Jun 30
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Never classified
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3-15-6; 3600203; RL-2365POS; DC-65-770; RL2365POS; DC65770
Originating Research Org.:
Lawrence Radiation Laboratory
OpenNet Entry Date:
1996 Jan 09
This record documents a subcontract between the University of California, Lawrence Radiation Laboratory and Monsanto Research Corporation. This purchase order covers the research and development of polystyrene foam. A copy of the subcontract is attached to the purchase order.

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