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Correspondence to J.H. Rushton of National Defense Research Committee, Subject: Outline of Status of Contract NDCrc-198
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Butane; Carbon Dioxide; Central Laboratory; Clark Bros. Co.; Compressor; Contract NDCrc-198; Ethane-Methane; Freon-22; Liquid Oxygen Trailer; Potassium Hydroxide Purifiers
Rushton, J.H. (National Defense Research Committee, Washington DC)
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DOE/NV Nuclear Testing Archive, P.O. Box 98521, City: Las Vegas, State: NV, Zip: 89193-8521, Phone:(702)295-0712, Fax:(702)295-1808,; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Archives and Records Office, 1 Cyclotron Road, Mailstop 69-104, City: Berkeley, State: CA, Zip: 94720, Phone:(510)486-5525, Fax:(510)486-7200,
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Science and Technology\Instruments and Equipment; General, Miscellaneous, Administrative and Historical\General
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1944 Mar 23
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1996 Feb 15
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12-3-31; NDCrc-198; NDCrc198
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University of California
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1998 Jun 30
This record documents correspondence between W.F. Giauque, of University of California, and J.H. Rushton, of National Defense Research Committee, regarding the status of contract NDCrc-198, specifically the financial situation. The project ran short of funds and Dr. Giauque had requested additional funds to complete the contract. The request was initially denied due to the large amount requested, and whatever funds may eventually be approved could take up to four weeks. The author outlines the reasons for the added expenses and presents an estimate of the minimum amount needed to terminate the contract.

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