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"A Report Covering the Laboratory Preparation of 3-Fluorosalicylaldehde with Suggestions for Pilot Plant Production"
Ferguson, L [University of California Radiation Laboratory]; Holmes, R [University of California Radiation Laboratory]; Aronoff, S [University of California Radiation Laboratory]; Calvin, M [University of California Radiation Laboratory]
Subject Terms:
3-Chloro-Salicylaldehyde; 3-Fluorosalicylaldehyde; 3-Fluorosalicylic Acid; 4-Hydroxy-3-Fluorobenzoic Acid; 4Hydroxy-3Fluoro-Benzoic Acid; Acetic Anahydride; AlCl3; Benzene; Borofluoride; CO2; Filtrate; H2SO4; H3BO3; HCl; Kolbe-Schmidt Process; Monohydrate; Na BFX; NaCl; NaHG; NaNO2; Naoh; Nitrile; O-Anisidine; O-Chloroanisole; O-Chlorophenoxyacetic Acid; O-Fluoroanisole; O-Fluorophenol; O-Fluorosalicylic Acid; Reimer-Tiemann; p-Toluidine
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DOE/NV Nuclear Testing Archive, P.O. Box 98521, City: Las Vegas, State: NV, Zip: 89193-8521, Phone:(702)295-0712, Fax:(702)295-1808,; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Archives and Records Office, 1 Cyclotron Road, Mailstop 69-104, City: Berkeley, State: CA, Zip: 94720, Phone:(510)486-5525, Fax:(510)486-7200,
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Science and Technology\Chemistry
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1996 Apr 08
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15-2-1; 15-2-6; 1526
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University of California Radiation Laboratory
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1998 May 19
This record consists of a report titled "A Report Covering the Laboratory Preparation of 3-Fluorosalicylaldehyde with Suggestions for Pilot Plant Production." The report includes a description of the processes involved in the production of 3-fluorosalicylaldehyde, tables to illustrate why the recommended conditions were selected, and a list of the equipment used. Topics include: Diazotization of O-Anisidine; Demethylation of O-Fluoroanisol; Kolbe-Schmidt Process; Reduction of 3-Fluorosalicylic Acid; and Bill of Materials for Production of 100 pounds of 3-Fluorosalicylaldehyde. Contains flow charts. Document Number 15-2-6 is a nearly idendical report, with only slight modifications. 15-2-6 also contains graphs not found in this record.

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