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The Prevention of Aeroembolism by Denitrogenation Procedures
Gray, J S [Committee on Aviation Medicine]
Subject Terms:
Aeroemolism; Denitrogenation; Human Subject Studies; Oxygen Inhalation
National Research Council (Canada)
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DOE/NV Nuclear Testing Archive, P.O. Box 98521, City: Las Vegas, State: NV, Zip: 89193-8521, Phone:(702)295-0712, Fax:(702)295-1808,; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Archives and Records Office, 1 Cyclotron Road, Mailstop 69-104, City: Berkeley, State: CA, Zip: 94720, Phone:(510)486-5525, Fax:(510)486-7200,
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Science and Technology\Biology and Medicine
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Publication Date:
1942 Dec 29
Declassification Date:
1996 Mar 06
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Cam Report 123; 13-13-9; 19-1-10; 13139; 19110
Originating Research Org.:
Committee on Aviation Medicine
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1997 Jun 30
This document is a report on an altitude study of 257 aviation cadets to determine the effect of breathing pure oxygen, with and without accompanying exercise, before ascent on the incidence of aeroembolism at 38,000 feet in aviation cadets.

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