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Study of Seaplane Systems Employing Nuclear Power, Quarterly Progress Report for Period 1, April 1959 to 30 June 1959
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1959 Jun 30
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1998 Mar 25
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137 p.
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Martin Company, Baltimore, MD (United States)
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2018 Sep 27
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2023 Oct 19
Nuclear powered aircraft studies underway at The Martin Company are directed primarily towards evolving the design of a Navy ASW seaplane system for first generation operational use employing the P&W Aircraft indirect cycle propulsion system. The development cycle currently envisioned for nuclear powered ASW systems includes a flight test aircraft for propulsion development, an operational prototype to evolve utilization procedures, and a first generation operational seaplane followed by subsequent operational aircraft of improved capability. This study program will focus on the operational prototype and first generation operational ASW seaplane system considered initially as the same basic design. Extensive studies have been completed which established the feasibility of the "SARO" Princess nuclear powered flight test, aircraft.

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