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A Probabilistic Treatment of the Aerospace Nuclear Safety of Strontium-90
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1966 Jun 01
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1997 Jul 11
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29 p.
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Martin Company, Baltimore, MD (United States)
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2018 Sep 27
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2023 Oct 19
The use of strontium-90 in space requires that the mechanical designs of the isotopic generators satisfy nuclear safety requirements and that such designs be feasible and practical. During this study, a method has been developed to compare various design concepts from the standpoint of nuclear safety. The analyses of potential hazards and the formulation of the methods of design comparisons make up the major portion of this report. The complete safety analyses and a comparison of various design concepts are included in the second volume of this report. To ensure the practicality of the concepts considered, sufficient studies have been carried out to demonstrate feasibility of both intact and burnup re-entry concepts. The designs, the control systems, the weight penalties and fuel form considerations are all discussed in the third volume of this report. The purpose of this volume is to give a brief summary of the methods developed and of the conclusions drawn from this study.

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