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Joining Zirconium to Stainless Steel by Flash Welding, Brazing and Soft Soldering
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1954 May 24
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1998 Mar 25
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7 p.
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North American Aviation, Inc., Canoga Park, CA (United States)
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2018 Sep 27
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2023 Oct 18
The present design for the Hanford safety device makes use of an inner stainless steel expansion chamber. This piece is made from tubing, welded to the stainless steel pressure cell and to the end cap as shown in Figure 1. When tripped by a dangerous reactor situation, gaseous B10F3 is released into the larger volume. Greater neutron absorption results from this larger exposure of the B10F3 to the reactor flux, thus decreasing the reactivity a desired amount. In order to improve the neutron economy under normal reactor operation with the safety device in the "cooked" or ready condition, it has been suggested that zirconium replace stainless steel for the expansion chamber. The total reactivity change from the normal to the tripped condition will be greater with the zirconium expansion chamber than with the stainless steel chamber.

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