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Reactor Safety (Quarterly Progress Report, May-July, 1955)
Fitch, Stephen H. [North American Aviation, Inc., Canoga Park, CA (United States). Atomics International Div.]; Huston, Norman E. [North American Aviation, Inc., Canoga Park, CA (United States). Atomics International Div.]
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1956 Apr 01
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1997 Jun 19
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30 p.
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North American Aviation, Inc., Canoga Park, CA (United States). Atomics International Div.
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2018 Sep 27
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2023 Oct 18
The solder plug irradiation experiment, NAA-9, was received from MTR and has been redesigned to retain 2000 psi. It is currently being assembled and will be returned to MTR upon its completion. Preliminary results have been obtained from the electrical analog of the NAA-8 experiment. The analog data show not only dependence of time delay upon input period and input resistance, but the necessity of using a high input resistance. Three thin slabs for studying the effect of trigger geometry upon trigger time response have been fabricated and assembled. Preliminary heat transient measurements with two of the slabs show a relatively minor effect of geometry for the designs tested. As a result of the Mark II and III reactor safety device storage chamber pressure tests, our conclusions are that the designs are satisfactory. Enriched boron trifluoride has been generated and used to fill three Mark II chambers and one Mark III chamber. In addition, two capsules were filled for danger coefficient measurements on the WBNS to determine the boron- 10 content of the gas. Analysis of four capsules from the BF3 irradiation experiment has been completed. These incomplete results indicate rather severe decomposition of BF3. However, in an actual device that is loaded at high pressure the relative importance of decomposition should be quite small.

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