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Report of the Flight 7.8-24 XW-7/Nike Hercules Warhead Installation
Olson, L D [Organization 1247]; Kassens, C L [Organization 1247]
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Publication Date:
1959 Nov 01
Document Pages:
7 p.
Document Number(s):
SC-DR-0221-59; ALSNL199700001471
Originating Research Org.:
Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States)
OpenNet Entry Date:
1999 Sep 28
OpenNet Modified Date:
1999 Sep 28
This July 9, 1958, White Sands Missile Range test was considered unsuccessful because of the short flight time (3.8 seconds) caused by the loss of the beacon at liftoff. It involved a XW-7-72 warhead and an XM51 adaption kit.

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