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Fluid Roll Rate Sensor
Heinecke, R [Aeronautical Organization, Honeywell Inc.]; Petersen, D [Aeronautical Organization, Honeywell Inc.]
Document Type:
Publication Date:
1966 Jul 28
Document Pages:
272 p.
Document Number(s):
SC-CR-69-3276; ALSNL199600000333
Originating Research Org.:
Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States)
OpenNet Entry Date:
1999 Sep 28
OpenNet Modified Date:
1999 Sep 28
This report summarizes the results of 6.5 months of an 18-month program... which was aimed at advancing the state of the art of the vortex rate sensor... and to deliver to Sandia five units which met performance specifications established.

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