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Comments On Laser Pumping By Explosively Driven Shock Waves
Beckner, E H [Organization 5142]; Collins, R J [consultant from the Electrical Engineering Department of the University of Minnesota]; Mathews, R P [Organization 9232]
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1965 Jul 01
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16 p.
Document Number(s):
SC-DR-65-0321; ALSNL199600000243
Originating Research Org.:
Sandia National Lab. (SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States)
OpenNet Entry Date:
1999 Sep 28
OpenNet Modified Date:
1999 Sep 28
This report has been written to delineate the important aspects inherent in laser pumping by explosively driven shock waves. Theoretical consideration is given to the characteristics of the radiation from explosively shock heated argon.

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