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Analog to digital converter system for temperature monitoring -- B, C, D, DR, F, and H reactors
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1961 Mar 23
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1992 Oct 21
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11 p.
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General Electric Co., Richland, WA (United States). Hanford Atomic Products Operation
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1993 Jan 07
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2010 Aug 11
This document discusses a proposal that certain presently installed reactor process water outlet temperature data logging equipment in subject reactors to be replaced with new functionally simplified equipment of a more adequate design. The primary purpose of the proposed installation is to replace existing equipment which is obsolete and in three reactors is worn out to the point where the equipment is out of service frequently for periods of time up to 8 hours or more. The new equipment will provide reliable process tube temperature information for use in the functions of reactor control and product accountability. Based upon anticipated incremental production gains resulting from use of the new equipment, the amortization period for the project is calculated at 2.7 years.

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