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Existing reactor expansion study basis
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1959 Jun 24
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1992 Oct 21
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20 p.
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General Electric Co., Richland, WA (United States). Hanford Atomic Products Operation
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1993 Jan 05
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2010 Aug 11
The latest HAPO Five Year Program review, HW-59633, forecasts substantial increases in Pu production from the eight existing Hanford reactors over the next several years. These production increases would be attained by a combination of several methods which include increased reactor power levels resulting from higher process water flow rates and coolant bulk outlet temperatures, improved time operated efficiency, higher conversion ratios, and reduced transient reactivity losses. In order to provide a realistic basis for budgeting to meet these or other increased production goals, it is necessary that a study program be undertaken to determine in general terms the plant changes required to support these forecasted levels, to evaluate the economic and technical feasibility of achieving the process conditions, and to present an integrated program for achieving these objectives. This study program will necessarily consider the interrelated effects of a number of various facets of reactor and water plant process conditions, operational requirements, and proposed development programs. The purpose of this document is to present a plan for the execution of the proposed study. Included in this outline are a review of the basic study considerations, problem assignments and schedules, and manpower and cost estimates for the performance of the study.

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