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Feasibility of Various Types of Seals for the Carrier Freon 11 Turbocompressors
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1952 May 01
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2009 Apr 09
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Columbia University, New York, NY
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2011 Mar 02
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2011 Jan 20
A preliminary feasibility study is made of seals for a machine running at 8000 rpm, having a 2-in. shaft, and operating with a pressure differential of 5 lb/in{sup2}. The following conditions must be met: during operation the air inleak shall not exceed 50 lb/2000 hr and the loss of Freon 11 shall not exceed 0.02 lb/hr; the leak-up rate during shutdown shall not exceed 1/10 in. of Hg per 24 hr (the contained volume is 100 ft{sup3}). Dry-contact and Freon 11-lubricated contact seals are considered briefly, but neither appears to be practical. The following positive-clearance seals are more feasible and are discussed in greater detail: concentric-cyinder seal, utilization of a journal bearing of the machine as a seal, and a radial-controlled-gap type of seal.

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