Abstracts Database
AAVP ARM Aerial Vehicles Program
ACP                           Atmospheric Chemistry Program
ACP - CE                      ACP - Capital Equipment
AmeriFlux                     AmeriFlux
ARM                           Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM)
ARM - CE                      ARM - Capital Equipment
ARM – Facility Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Climate Research Facility
ARM – Facility- CCRI Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Climate Research Facility (Climate Change Research Initiative)
ARM - Science Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Science Program
ARM-CCRI                      ARM-CCRI
ARM-Infrastr                  Atmospheric Radiation Measurement-Infrastructure
Artificial Retina  
ASP                            Atmospheric Science Program
Atmos Sci                     Atmospheric Science
BIOMP                         BIOMP
BioRes-other                  Biological Research - Other
Biormdtn                      Bioremediation
BNCT                           BNCT
CarbonSeques                  Carbon Sequestration
CCPP                          Climate Change Prediction Program
CCPP-CCRI Climate Change Prediction Program Climate Change Research Initiative
CCRI                          Climate Change Research Initiative
CCTI (Carbon Sequestration) Carbon Change Technology Initiative
CCTI- Oceans                  Carbon Sequestration - BIOMP
CCTI-Terr                     Carbon Sequestration - Terrestrial
CE-BNCT                       BNCT-Capital Equipment
CE-Instr                      Instrumentation-Capital Equipment
CE-MeaSci                     Measurement Science-Capital Equipment
CE-MedApps                    Medical Applications-Capital Equipment
CE-Radio                       Radiopharmaceuticals-Capital Equipment
CE-StrBio                     Structural Biology - Capital Equipment
CHAMMP                        Computer Hardware Advanced Mathematics and Model Physics (CHAMMP)
CH-Climate                    China - Climate
Cl Fsblty St                  Clinical Feasibility Studies
Clean - SREL                  Cleanup - Savannah River Ecology Laboratory (SREL)
Clean-EMSP                    Cleanup - Environmental Management Science Program
Cleanup                        Cleanup
Climate Pred                  Climate Prediction
ClimateData                   Climate Data
Dsmtry Rsrch                  Dosimetry Research
Education                     Education
EMP                           Environmental Meteorology Program
EMSL                          Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL)
EMSL - CE                     Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory - Capital Equipment
EMSL - Ops                    Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory - Operations
Env Geochem                     Environmental Geochemistry
Env Geophys                    Environmental Geophysics/Hydrogeology
Env Micro                    Environmental Microbiology
Env Radon                     Environmental Radon
ETP-IA                        ETP-Integrated Assessment (Environmental Technology Partnership)
ETP-R                         ETP-Bioremediation (Environmental Technology Partnership)
FACE Free Air CO 2 Enrichment
Facility Ops                  Facility Operations - EMSL
FuncGenomics                  Functional Genomics
Genme Inform                  Human Genome -  Informatics
Genme Instr                   Human Genome - Instrumentation
Genme Micro                   Microbial Genome
Genome - CE                   Genome Capital Equipment
Genome ELSI                   Human Genome - ELSI
Genome Map                    Human Genome - Mapping & Sequencing
Genome-other                  Human Genome research - Other
GenomesLife                   Genomes to Life
GlobalChange                  Global Change
GTL - CapEqu                  Genomes to Life - Capital Equipment
GTL – Facility --JGI Joint Genome Institute
GTL – Facility --SB Structural Biology
GTL - Science Genomics: GTL
GTL – Science--BRC Bioenergy Research Centers
GTL – Science--carbon seq Carbon sequestration
GTL--biology Biology
GTL—CE Capital Equipment
GTL—Science—biofuels Ethanol Hydrogen
GTL—Science--computing Computational biology
GTL—Science—feedstocks Plant feedstocks
GTL—Science—Genomics Microbes, plants
GTL—Science--imaging Imaging
GTL—Science—metabolic engineering Metabolic Engineering  
GTL—Science—microbes Microbial communities Microbial genome/cell
IA-CCRI Integrated Assessment Climate Change Research Initiative
Imaging Instrumentation  
Info & Intgn                  Information & Integration
Information Information
Instrmntatn                   Instrumentation
Integ Assess                  Integrated Assessment-CCRI
JGI                           Joint Genome Institute
Low Dose                      Low Dose
Mcro Gen                      Microbial Genome
Med-Cong Dir                  Medical Applications-Congressional Directed Projects
MicroGenomic                  Microbial Genomics
Mlcr Nclr Md                  Molecular Nuclear Medicine
Modeling                      Modeling
MolBio-other                  Molecular Biology - other
Msrmnt Scnce                   Measurement Science
NABIR                         Natural and Accelerated Bioremediation Research
NABIR - CE                    Natural and Accelerated Bioremediation Research (NABIR) - Capital Equipment
NARSTO                         North American Research Strategy for Trophospheric Ozone
NICCR National Institute for Climatic Change Research
NIGEC                         National Institute for Global Environmental Change
Ocean Sci                     Ocean Sciences
PCMDI                          Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison (PCMDI)
PER Program on Ecosystem Research
PER-Cascade                   PER - Cascade of Scales
Rad&Chm Phy                   Radiological & Chemical Physics
Radiopharmaceuticals Development  
Rdioistpe Dv                  Radioisotope Development
RdioPharm                     Radiopharmaceuticals
SciDAC Scientific Discovery Through Advanced Computing
SciDAC/CCPP                   Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing
SERDP                         Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program
StrBio-Bio                    Biological Research
StrBio-Fac                    Structural Biology - Facilities & Instrumentation
StrBio-Other                   Structural Biology - Other
StrucBioRes                   Structural Biology Research
TCP-AmeriFlux-CCRI Terrestrial Carbon Processes AmeriFlux Climate Change Research Initiative
TCP-C                         Terrestrial Carbon Processes (TCP)-Carbon
TCP-V                         Terrestrial Carbon Processes (TCP)-Vegetation
Unmd Aer Veh                  Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Water Cycle                   Water Cycle
Workshp/Conf                  Workshop/Conference