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Register Number: ER65415
Title: Nutrient Cycle Impacts on Forest Ecosystem Carbon Cycling: Improved Prediction of Climate Feedbacks from Coupled C-Nutrient Dynamics from Ecosystem to...
Principal Investigator: Fisher, Joshua
Institution Address: Los Angeles, CA 90095-1406
Awarded Amount to Date and B&R Code :
FY 2015$0 k
FY 2014$0 k
FY 2013$346 kKP170201
FY 2012$349 kKP170201
DOE Program Manager: James Kuperberg
BER Division: Climate and Environmental Sciences
Research Area: Terrestrial Ecosystem Science
Abstract Submit Date: 10/09/2013
Project Term: 07/15/2012 - 07/14/2015
Abstract: Understanding the role of terrestrial ecosystems in removing CO2 from the atmosphere remains one of the fundamental challenges to predicting future changes in climate. Will forests continue to sequester carbon indefinitely under rising atmospheric CO2 or will their capacity to build new biomass be constrained by a lack of nutrients? Currently, plant–soil interactions and their impact on nutrient cycling are largely absent or poorly represented in the computer models that form the basis of much of our predictive capacity to estimate changes in the Earth’s climate. The goal of our proposed research is to develop a predictive framework for improving and integrating plant–soil interactions and carbon–nutrient dynamics into Earth system models. This project will integrate experimental plot-level data with models and satellite imagery to determine how trees and their belowground interactions with soil microbes influence carbon–nutrient interactions in mixed hardwood forests. A predictive framework for scaling plot-level data of carbon and nutrient cycling will be developed using a land cover classification from remotely sensed data and a nutrient uptake model which can be integrated into the land surface model of one of the world’s leading climate models. The integration of these components will provide empirical grounding for investigations of the role of belowground processes in shaping carbon–nutrient dynamics at ecosystem, regional and global scales.