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    Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update

    ... Armstrong Hutchinson Childress Dallam Collingsworth Hartley Harmon Oldham Cotton Canadian Deaf Smith Kingfisher Grant Hardeman Hale Floyd Lamb Motley Cottle Wilbarger Grady ...

  2. DOE Zero Ready Home Case Study: One Sky Homes, Cottle Zero Net Energy Home, Sn Jose, CA

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    Sky Homes Cottle Zero Net Energy Home San Jose, CA DOE ZERO ENERGY READY HOME(tm) The U.S. Department of Energy invites home builders across the country to meet the extraordinary levels of excellence and quality specified in DOE's Zero Energy Ready Home program (formerly known as Challenge Home). Every DOE Zero Energy Ready Home starts with ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Version 3.0 for an energy-efficient home built on a solid foundation of building science research. Advanced technologies are

  3. Early Pennsylvanian wrenching along the Red River-Matador Arch: Formation of a pull-apart basin, Depocenter for Atokan to Lower Des Moines (bend) clastics, Cottle County, Texas

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    Stephens, W.C. Jr.; Gunn, R.D.


    Early Pennsylvanian wrenching along the Red River-Matador Arch (Tectonic Zone) created a braided series of en echelon faults and folds with associated pop-up structures and pull-apart basins. Local extension, or overstepping, in Southeast Cottle County, Texas, has produced the deepest pull-apart basin along the arch with over 10,000` of structural relief. The emerging Wichita-Amarillo Uplift, to the north, provided an abundant sediment source, which prograded rapidly southward as an alluvial fan-braided river complex. Exposure of basement rocks and lower Paleozoic sediments along the Red River-Matador Arch, also contributed to the basin fill. Syntectonic sedimentation led to the accumulation of over 6000` of Bend (Atoka-lower Des Moines) sediments within the basin. Deposition was dominated initially by alluvial fan to fluvial siliciclastics. As basin subsidence was further amplified by sediment loading, accommodation exceeded sedimentation capturing a large segment of the southward prograding Wichita-Amarillo derived clastic wedge. Encroachment of the late Atoka to lower Des Moines epeiric sea promoted further evolution of depositional environments to fan deltas, marine dominated clastics and, later, localized carbonate development. Type III kerogen rich organic shales produced abundant gas prone source rocks. The extreme depth of the basin combined with the local geothermal gradient provided for significant hydrocarbon generation. By early 1988 new well control helped revise previous stratigraphic correlation demonstrating a rapidly expanding lower Des Moines to Atokan section. The drilling of the Gunn Oil Company-Brothers No. 1 to a total depth of 10,301` in the Mississippian Chappel Limestone, encountered 2025` of Bend sediments, with 279` of gross Bend Conglomerate (162` of net pay). The Brothers No. 1 was potentialled on 11/19/89 with a CAOF of 6.0 MMCFD and filed as the field discovery for the Broken Bone (Bend Conglomerate) field.

  4. Cottle County, Texas: Energy Resources | Open Energy Information

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  5. DOE Tour of Zero: The Cottle Zero Net Energy Home by One Sky...

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    to provide 80% of the landscape irrigation for the water-saving landscaping. 5 of 17 Hidden behind the exterior stucco finish is dry-by-design wall construction that includes an...

  6. DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Case Study: One Sky Homes — Cottle Zero Net Energy Home, San Jose, CA

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    This builder took home the Grand Winner prize in the Custom Builder category in the 2014 Housing Innovation Awards for its high performance building science approach. The builder used insulated concrete form blocks to create the insulated crawlspace foundation for its first DOE Zero Energy Ready Home, the first net zero energy new home certified in the state of California.

  7. Guides and Case Studies for Marine Climates | Department of Energy (indexed) [DOE]

    climate zone. California Project: Cottle Zero Net Energy Home - San Jose Builder: One Sky Homes Profile: This builder took home the Grand Winner prize in the Custom Builder...

  8. Pantex Regional High School Science Bowl | U.S. DOE Office of...

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    TX Cottle County, TX Crosby County, TX Dallam County, TX Dawson County, TX Deaf Smith County, TX Dickens County, TX Donley County, TX Floyd County, TX Gaines County, TX ...

  9. In the News 2014 - Joint Center for Energy Storage Research

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    ... But the next step forward will be even more impressive. Tesla Motors, Inc. is Itching for More and Better Batteries The Motley Fool August 20, 2014 Tesla Motors is working on a 5 ...