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  1. Village of Muscoda, Wisconsin (Utility Company) | Open Energy...

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    of Muscoda Place: Wisconsin Phone Number: (608) 739-4617 Website: muscoda.files.wordpress.com20 Outage Hotline: (608) 739-4617 References: EIA Form EIA-861 Final Data File...

  2. Stoughton, Massachusetts: Energy Resources | Open Energy Information

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    Massachusetts: Energy Resources Jump to: navigation, search Equivalent URI DBpedia Coordinates 42.1250995, -71.1022712 Show Map Loading map... "minzoom":false,"mappingservice"...

  3. Outagamie County, Wisconsin: Energy Resources | Open Energy Informatio...

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    Hortonia, Wisconsin Hortonville, Wisconsin Howard, Wisconsin Kaukauna, Wisconsin Kimberly, Wisconsin Little Chute, Wisconsin Maine, Wisconsin Maple Creek, Wisconsin New...

  4. Grant County, Wisconsin: Energy Resources | Open Energy Information

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    Grant, Wisconsin Livingston, Wisconsin Millville, Wisconsin Montfort, Wisconsin Mount Hope, Wisconsin Mount Ida, Wisconsin Muscoda, Wisconsin North Lancaster, Wisconsin Patch...

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    ... FERC Contact: Isis Johnson at (202) 502-6346; or email at isis.johnson@ j. Kaukauna Utilities filed its request to use the Traditional Licensing Process on October 7, ...

  6. Fermilab | Visit Fermilab | Colloquium

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    - Archive Fermilab Colloquium Calendar 2014-2015 Lectures begin at 4:00 p.m. in 1 West Appropriate for physicists Appropriate for all lab staff and members of the public Date Speaker/Institute Title Host Abstract PDF Video 03 Sep 2014 Peter GrahamStanford University Gravitational Wave Detection with Atom Interferometry C. Stoughton Abstract PDF Video 10 Sep 2014 Christian ScherfDESY Institutional Awareness: Safety and Risk Management – from Politics to Action P. Lebrun Abstract PPTX Video 17

  7. Environmental effects of fog oil and CS usage at the Combat Maneuver Training Center, Hohenfels, Germany. [2-chlorophenylmethylene

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    Brubaker, K.L.; Rosenblatt, D.H.; Snyder, C.T.


    In response to environmental concerns at the Combat Maneuver Training Center (CMTC), Hohenfels, Germany, the US Army 7th Army Training Command commissioned a scientific study by Argonne National Laboratory to investigate specific issues. The study involved three parts: (1) a field study to determine if fog oil and CS (a compound named after its discoverers, B.B. Carson and R.W. Stoughton) were accumulating in the CMTC environment, (2) a screening of selected soil samples for the presence of US Environmental Protection Agency priority pollutants, and (3) a literature review of the health effects of fog oil and CS, as well as a review of training practices at CMTC. No fog oil or fog oil degradation products were detected in any soil, sediment, or vegetation sample collected at CMTC. Trace quantities of one or more priority pollutants were tentatively detected in three of eight soil and sediment samples. However, the priority pollutant concentrations are so low that they pose no environmental or health hazards. No evidence of widespread or significant contamination in the training areas was found. Crucial data needed to fully evaluate both acute and chronic health effects of civilian exposures to CS at CMTC are not available. On the basis of the available literature, long-ten-n health effects in the civilian population near CMTC that could result from the use of fog oil and CS during training activities are believed to be negligible.