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  1. CAMX - A High Performance Cutting Technique for Underwater Use

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Bach, Fr.-W.; Versemann, R.; Bienia, H.; Kremer, G.


    During the past years a new cutting technology, the CAMX-process-family (Contact-Arc-Metal-X [X is for Cutting, Grinding and Drilling]) was developed at the Institute of Materials Science in Hanover. These are electro-thermal underwater separation processes for metallic structures. The CAMX technology covers the Contact-Arc-Metal- Cutting (CAMC) with a sword-like cutting electrode, the Contact-Arc-Metal-Grinding (CAMG) with a rotating electrode and the Contact-Arc-Metal-Drilling (CAMD) with a wrap mechanism to fix and carry the workpiece. There are no limitations of CAMC concerning the capability of cutting complicated structures of workpieces. Undercuts and cavities in the workpiece do not affect the CAMC. The CAMG is a separation process for straight cuts with a very high cutting speed. The CAMD is a technology to drill holes or pocket holes of any geometry. With the integrated wrap mechanism it is possible to fix and carry workpieces, which are not to handle with conventional mechanisms.

  2. Analysis of the Clean Energy Standard Act of 2012

    Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Update

    4 Appendix C: Map of NEMS Electricity Market Module Regions 1 Texas Regional Entity (ERCT) 12 SERC Delta (SRDA) 2 Florida Reliability Coordinating Council (FRCC) 13 SERC ...

  3. Microsoft Word - Document2

    Open Energy Information (Open El) [EERE & EIA]

    min, average, and max average CO 2 emissions by month for AZNM subregion (lbs CO 2 MWh load) 800 1,100 1,400 1,700 January 800 1,100 1,400 1,700 February 800 1,100 1,400 1,700...

  4. U.S. Energy Information Administration | Annual Energy Outlook...

    Annual Energy Outlook

    OH 1. NE 3. S1 4. S2 5. GF 6. OH 7. EN AL,MS MN,ND,SD IA,NE,MO,KS TX,LA,OK,AR MT,WY,ID CO,UT,NV AZ,NM 9. AM 11. C2 12. WS 13. MT 14. CU 15. ZN WV,MD,DC,DE 2. YP...

  5. Sandia Participates in the Second Annual Composites and Advanced...

    U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) all webpages (Extended Search)

    ... Research on composite material applications in wind energy at the CAMX conference in Dallas, Texas, October 26-29, 2015. The papers detailed a novel composite process model ...

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    U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) (indexed site)

    11 10 19 22 21 20 15 14 9 13 5 5 6 1 2 3 4 16 17 8 18 Electricity Market Module Regions 1 - Texas Reliability Entity (ERCT) 2 - Florida Reliability Coordinating Council (FRCC) 3 - Midwest Reliability Organization - East (MROE) 4 - Midwest Reliability Organization - West (MROW) 5 - Northeast Power Coordinating Council / New England (NEWE) 6 - Northeast Power Coordinating Council / NYC - Westchester (NYCW) 7 - Northeast Power Coordinating Council / Long Island (NYLI) 8 - Northeast Power

  7. AMO Weekly Announcements 11/5/15 [DOE]

    AMO Technology Manager Leads Education Discussion at CAMX Kelly Visconti, a technology manager with the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Advanced Manufacturing Office, led an educational session at The Composites and Advanced Materials Expo (CAMX) last month in Dallas, TX. She spoke on the topic of “Lightweight Composites for Clean Energy.”


    Energy Savers

    ... agricultural tractors, combines, commercial airports, point sources, and heavy duty truck idling 2012 With Eagle Ford Emission Inventory WRF v3.2 CAMx 5.40 Local 2012 San ...

  9. X Time Series

    Energy Savers

    ... agricultural tractors, combines, commercial airports, point sources, and heavy duty truck idling 2012 With Eagle Ford Emission Inventory WRF v3.2 CAMx 5.40 Local 2012 San ...

  10. Cryogenic Pressure Vessels for H2 Vehicles Rapidly Refueled by LH2 pump to 700 bar

    Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) (indexed site)

    Vessels for H 2 Vehicles Rapidly Refueled by LH 2 pump to 700 bar Salvador Aceves, Gene Berry, Guillaume Petitpas, Vernon Switzer Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory CAMX meeting October 29 th , 2015 LLNL-PRES-678629 * Cryogenic H 2 Onboard Storage * Temperature as a Degree of Freedom in H 2 storage * LLNL Cryocompressed Project History * 350 Bar Test Vehicle Park & Drive Results * Current Project * 700 bar prototype (cryogenic) vessels * Refueling with LH 2 Pump * Test Vessel Cycling

  11. Comparison of Satellite NO{sub 2} Observations with High Resolution Model Simulations over the Balkan Peninsula

    SciTech Connect (OSTI)

    Zyrichidou, I.; Koukouli, M. E.; Balis, D. S.; Katragkou, E.; Poupkou, A.; Kioutsioukis, I.; Markakis, K.; Melas, D.; van der A., R.; Boersma, F. K.; Roozendael, M. van


    High resolution model estimations of tropospheric NO{sub 2} column amounts from the Comprehensive Air Quality Model (CAMx) were simulated for the Balkan Peninsula and were compared with satellite data for a period of one year, in order to study the characteristics of the spatial and temporal variability of pollution in the area. The Balkan area is considered a crossroad of different pollution sources and therefore has been divided in urban, industrial and rural regions, aiming to investigate the consistency of satellite retrievals and model predictions at high spatial resolution. Satellite measurements of tropospheric NO{sub 2} are available daily at 13:30 LT since 2004 from OMI/Aura with a resolution of 13x24 km. The anthropogenic emissions used in CAMx for the domain under study, was compiled employing bottom-up approaches (road transport sector, off-road machinery) as well as other national registries and international databases. High resolution GIS maps (road network, landuses, population) were also used in order to achieve high spatial resolution. In most of the cases the model reveals similar spatial patterns with the satellite data, while over certain areas discrepancies were found and investigated.